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Expandable & Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a generic term for polystyrene and styrene copolymers. It is a rigid cellular plastic foam material derived from petroleum and natural gas byproducts. EPS is one of the lightest of all construction materials allowing ease of handling and faster construction times. Its outstanding thermal insulation properties and durability ensure performance throughout the full lifetime of the building/construction application in which it is used.

EPS Products

ddd27 ddd27 ,桎梏馆 桎梏馆

Product Codes / Density

Applications of STYRO EPS in Construction & Insulation Industry:

• External insulation finishing systems (EIFS)
• Floor, roof & cavity wall insulation
• Insulated precast panels
• HVAC insulation (pipes, ducts…etc.)
• Geofoam
• Raised floor
• Piling and guide wall
• Parapet mould
• Dome mould
• Floating buoys
• Pontoons and marine
• Exterior decoration
• Customized packaging
• Art and décor


• Lightweight
• Shock absorber
• High compressive strength
• Sustainable
• Environmental friendly
• Fire retardant – self- extinguisher
• Cost effective